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    Barley Flour

    1. Prevents Bone Disorders
    2. Beneficial in Anemia
    3. Lowers Cholesterol
    4. Prevents Asthma
    5. Tonic Cleanser
    6. Aid Digestion
    7. Healthy Hair
    8. Improve Skin
    9. Rids Kidney & Gall stones
    10. 100% Fresh, Healthy and Pure
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    Eye cream for dark circles puffiness

    1. The Eye Cream is a unique blend of hydrating natural oils that are specially designed to create a soothing treatment for under eye problem areas.
    2. Within this cream, there is a complex and innovative blend of natural botanical oils and vitamins that will work effectively to not only moisturize your under eye area, but to strengthen and dramatically improve the texture and elasticity of the skin beneath the eyes.
    3. It will also, benefit those who suffer from hereditary under-eye puffiness, otherwise known as, ‘bags,’ under their eyes.
    4. it will help reduce the swelling, improve the soft tissues around the eyes that can be prone to sagging and can possibly hold fluid, which can be improved with this eye cream.
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    A Facial that leaves you shining in just 15 to 20 minutes, the facial cream will give you a rejuvenated look.


    300ML Rs:950/-
    500ML Rs: 1500/-
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    Skin Balancing & Moisturizing Cream

    1. The Skin Balancing and Moisturising Cream is a lightweight cream formula that works gently, yet effectively to help balance the skin’s PH levels along with improving its moisture levels.
    2. Its rich, vitamin packed ingredients contain an abundance of nutrients, which serve to perfectly balance and settle skin tone and colour.
    3. Using many helpful active ingredients, such as Deionised Water, Aloe Vera Gel and Glycerin, this refreshing and smoothing cream has a pleasant, neutral consistency that is not greasy or oily and can be absorbed easily and quickly into the skin, leaving a beautiful, fragrant and luxurious aroma.
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    1. With its powerful, nourishing and enriched ingredients it will help protect the skin from sun damage, scarring, hyperpigmentation and much more.
    2. Some of the other amazing benefits of this wonderful cream include its firming and uplifting effects. In essence, it will tighten and lift the skin by effectively removing visible fine lines and wrinkles.
    3. It recovers the cellular regeneration of the skin by restoring its natural balance and creating a protective layer against the aggressive and damaging atmospheric factors that threaten our skin.
    4. It will also protect the skin from future aging spots.
    5. Other benefits from using this cream include a reduction in sagging skin with its lifting qualities, an improvement in dull skin tone with increased radiance, it reverses the speed of dry or thinning skin as it preserves aging skin.
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    Acnoz Gel

    1. Acnoz Gel ensures that it creates a reduction in acne pimples and also removes painful, uncomfortable inflammation, along with scarring caused by chronic acne.
    2. It reduces redness and puffiness, and its anti-inflammatory ingredients mean that acne scarring is significant reduced, providing relief and an improved, healthy complexion.
    3. Beneficial for all skin types, Acnoz Gel helps repair dry, oily, combination and even sensitive skin. It is best to apply before makeup application or immediately after makeup removal
    4. Due to its natural consistency, there are no harmful side effects to worry about and it is perfectly suitable for all skin types.
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    Whitening Glow Scrub

    • This Whitening Glow Scrub contains a wealth of beneficial, healthy and helpful ingredients for the skin, as it assists with the removal and renewal of dead skin cells.
    • Whitening Glow Scrub includes two extremely important vitamins within its clever combination of ingredients: Vitamin A and Vitamin E.
    • The combination of ingredients in the Whitening Glow Scrub has many benefits and advantages for the healthy, glowing skin you are looking for.
    • See the difference within 3 & 4 weeks also work all skin types.
    • 100% Natural and Organic ingredient & No side effect.
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    Brightening Facial Cleanser

    1. Brightening Facial cleanser is a soft, smoothing and effective cleanser that is suitable for all skin types.
    2. Brightening Facial Cleanser helps deeply cleanse the skin without the need for exfoliation.
    3. Bursting with vitamins and other helpful, natural ingredients, this cleanser will leave the skin moisturised, glowing and above all, clean of impurities.
    4. Another reason that cleansing is useful is that it is a gentle exfoliator as it removes dead skin cells from the face in order to maintain its healthy, youthful glow.
    5. Within this Brightening Facial Cleanser are many effective ingredients with beneficial qualities such as Aloe Vera, Orange Peel and Vitamins A and E. All of these ingredients have a natural power and ability to assist with the cleansing process.
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    Brightening Facial Scrub

    1. Brightening Facial Scrub contains natural ingredients like chamomile extract and Aloe Vera Gel, both of which have stimulating and refreshingly beneficial properties for the skin’s tissues.
    2. Using this scrub regularly will assist with removal of dead skin cells and stimulate new cell growth.
    3. Another wonderful benefit of this refreshing scrub is that Glycerin is an active ingredient. Due to the fact that it encourages moisture on the skin’s layers, it is kind to all skin types, especially to oily, acne-prone or aging skin.
    4. Due to its natural consistency, there are no harmful side effects to worry about and it is perfectly suitable for all skin types.
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    Melanil Whitening & Anti Marks Cream

    1. Melanil Cream was created to assist with a wide range of troublesome skin issues. This anti-marks and whitening cream can be easily and effortlessly applied to the face during daytime or night to allow full absorption and to showcase its long-lasting and positive effects on the skin.
    2. This soothing and soft cream is capable of improving a wide range of skin complaints and works efficiently to remove the redness, along with the discolouration of old scars.
    3. it will work to improve hyperpigmentation of the skin. Hyperpigmentation can cause stress and worry for sufferers, as the skin produces an excessive amount of melanin.
    4. Melanil is excellent at reducing skin discolouration caused by freckles, wrinkles and fine lines and has even shown positive results when used on acne scars.
    5. Due to its natural consistency, there are no harmful side effects to worry about and it is perfectly suitable for all skin types.

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